Thermal Imaging & Infrared for the Automation
and OEM Applications Industry

Whether you're trying to solve a process-related thermal problem, or want to integrate thermal imaging into your OEM application, FLIR ThermoVision infrared cameras are the proven choice. These rugged IR cameras are operating 24/7 in a wide range of industrial automation applications around the world.

FLIR ThermoVision infrared cameras offer affordable, fully integrated thermal imaging and measurement solutions for applications such as process development and optimization, industrial process monitoring, product verification, quality assurance, security applications and more. The rugged, compact FLIR A320 and A325 infrared cameras feature maintenance-free, uncooled, longwave microbolometer detector technology that can measure subtle temperature differences from a distance, or even through smoke, fog, and steam. And, with FLIR's revolutionary built-in logic and multiple independent alarming, these IR cameras are ideal for autonomous process control as well as monitoring.

Using LabVIEW and FLIR's LabVIEW Developer's toolkit, you can turn the A320 or A325 infrared camera into a powerful machine vision tool with a minimal investment in software development. Or, use your own programming environment in conjunction with FLIR's System Developers Kit (SDK). Based on ActiveX and Visual Basic C++, this SDK gives you complete access to IR camera measurements, and source code examples help you significantly shorten programming time and make customization easy.

FLIR A320 and A325 infrared cameras are designed for fast and easy setup in industrial environments, featuring plug-and-play Ethernet and FireWire (IEEE 1394) connectivity. They also offer flexible viewing and control capabilities--multiple users can access multiple cameras over a LAN, WAN, or the Internet using a standard Web browser, receive real-time (60 Hz) 14-bit digital video output, and remotely configure and control multiple independent target spots and alarms. A wide range of accessories, including many interchangeable lenses, help make FLIR ThermoVision infrared cameras a complete, turnkey process monitoring solution.

To learn more about FLIR ThermoVision infrared cameras and thermal imaging products, please see the materials located in the download section.

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In manufacturing, what you don't know can hurt you. Improperly functioning equipment, if not detected soon enough, can lead to loss of money and even potential injury.

That's why thermal cameras are widely used by manufacturers in all industries. And FLIR's award-winning infrared cameras and accessories meet and exceed the most stringent monitoring and inspection requirements. FLIR infrared cameras help maintenance professionals and process and quality assurance engineers to solve the tough problems as well as day-to-day maintenance challenges. Using FLIR IR cameras, you can inspect motors, pumps, conveyors, and electrical connections and components, new equipment installations and repairs by contractors, and even the plant itself including roofing, heating and cooling systems, and building structures.

FLIR offers ThermaCAM handheld and ThermoVision mounted IR models to meet any manufacturing need. With a wide range of lenses, and unique performance and safety-enhancing options, these IR cameras make jobs such as maintenance, process monitoring, and quality assurance easier, safer, and more accurate.

Protect your manufacturing investment! To learn more about FLIR ThermaCAM infrared cameras, please see the materials located in the download center.

Welcome to the FLIR family of infrared cameras - the world's most tested IR cameras for manufacturing maintenance and operations!

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