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    Why IRISS Products?

    Learn what makes IRISS the best for electrical maintenance solutions. IRISS is the global leader and innovator in electrical maintenance solutions.  IRISS´s vision is to universally mitigate the risk of electrocution and arc blast as fully as possible during the inspection of electrical equipment.  As solution providers, the team at IRISS brings a multitude of experiences from world class maintenance programs together to meet the individual needs of commercial, industrial, power generation and government maintenance programs -putting the clients´ needs ahead of profit margins or fixed product offerings.

    Why IRISS?    -     Durability    -     Certifications    -     Warranty    -     IRISS Timeline

    IRISS IR windows increase

    • Safety -Perform IR scans without opening enclosures - virtually eliminating arc flash hazards.
    • Speed -Scan a panel in 5 minutes, not 30 minutes. No panel cover removal/replacement.
    • Productivity -NFPA 70E compliant and safe inspections in a fraction of the time. Inspect more often, on your schedule - with instant access.
      • Requires only one person vs. three
      • Eliminates need for cumbersome PPE
      • Guarded condition reduces arc flash triggers

    IRISS IR polymer windows offer NFPA 70E compliance without having to compromise product performance.

    • Fixed and Stable Transmission -No need to reset transmission rate ensuring accurate data collection
    • Versatile - Indoor and outdoor use at virtually any voltage usint any IR camera
    • Designed to Fit Your Needs -Custom IR windows for every application
    • Durable - Fully impact resistant industrial-grade optics with reinforced grills
    • Fail Safe Design -Reinforcing grills comply with IP2x standard for safe maximum hole size and fail-safe design
    • Ease of Installation - IRISS IR windows install quickly and securely
    • Visual, UV, IR Inspections All Through One IR Window -With the use of the Poly-View System technology available in any Platinum Series product as well as Custom Solutions
    • Quick, Safe Access -In a matter of minutes engineers gain access to fully energized equipment without being exposed to inherent dangers associated with panel cover removal
    • Accredited - Comply with an unparalleled variety of UL, IEEE, NEMA, IP, CSA, BSI, ABS and Lloyds of London Certifications
    • Protected by Our Unconditional Lifetime Warranty - Optics do not degrade when exposed to acids, alkalis, UV, moisture, humidity, high frequencies, vibration and moisture -a guarantee no crystal IR window can provide

    IRISS Durability

    IRISS IR Windows are fully impact resistant industrial-grade optics with reinforced grills

    • Proven compatibility with acids, alkalis, UV, moisture, humidity, vibration and high frequency noise
    • Reinforcing grills comply with IP2x standard for safe maximum hole size and fail-safe design


    All IRISS polymer infrared (IR) windows carry the following certifications:

    Recognized by UL in the USA& Canada to the following standards:

    • UL 50V
    • UL 50E
    • UL 746C:

    Impact and Flammability

    • UL1558:

    Impact and Load Resistance

    • UL 508A; ANSI UL 508A
    • IEEE C37 20.2.a.3.6:

    Impact and Load

    • IP65 / NEMA 4
    • Lloyds of London Type Approval
    • American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)

    Industrial Control Equipment

    • CSA Standard C22.2 No. 14-10

    IRISS Warranty Statement

    As a Level III Thermographer, I depend on the products I have designed to ensure safe and accurate inspections of my customers’ critical electrical equipment. After years of use (and abuse), in a variety of industrial and building maintenance environments, I have designed the typical failure modes of traditional IR windows out of my “industrial-grade” products. I am, therefore, proud to offer the industry’s most comprehensive protection: an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty, with just one definition for successful performance of the product – your satisfaction.

    Martin Robinson

    President IRISS, inc.




    VPC Series (Aluminum Housing)

    • Original IRISS IR windows were manufactured with aluminum housings and crystal lens.


    VPC Series (Plastic Housing & Cover)

    • To enhance safety and ensure non-conductive housing and covers, IRISS developed plastic housing and covers.


    VPFR Series (IR Polymer Featuring Fixed and Stable Transmission with Nylon Reinforced Grill)

    • After an extensive R&D effort to replace Fluoride crystals, historically known to fail due to their inherent weaknesses, IRISS unveiled impact-resistant polymers with Fixed and Stable Transmission as well as boasting resistance to water, light, acids and alkalis - unlike Fluoride crystals.
    • IRISS IR windows received UL Certification 508/508A and IP65/NEMA4 closed and when in use.


    VPFR Series (Nylon Coated Aluminum Grill)

    • IRISS enhanced the already successful VPFR Series switching from a nylon reinforced grill to a nylon-coated aluminum grill.  The product would now pass UL746C which tested the lens flammability and impact resistance at 0 C making it the only IR window lens system in the world to hold this certification.


    VPFR Series (2 Nylon Coated Aluminum Grills) & IR-ID Labels

    • IRISS upgraded the VPFR Series design by reinforcing two IP 2X grills.  This effectively sandwiches the polymer producing a lens assembly able to resist constant impact from a five pound impact and pass the UL 5" flame test, unsurpassed to date.  IRISS VPFR Series remains the ULTIMATE IR WINDOW SOLUTION on the market!
    • Launched a range of IR-ID Labels for emissivity reference points.


    VP-12-US (Ultrasound Port)

    • This 0.5in ultrasound port with an attached cover can be used alone or in combination with IR windows.


    Transmissive Panel Cover (TPC)

    • IRISS is the only company to date to offer custom-designed and fabricated TPC's.  Our TPC's can be made to virtually ANY specification (shape, size, material, color, etc.) at a competitive price and attractive lead times.


    CAP Series

    • Recognizing the industry needed IR windows with a better field of view (FOV), IRISS developed and began manufacturing the CAP Series.  Available in 6in, 12in and 24in, the expanded FOV allows inspection of multiple components through one window, reducing installation time and costs.


    Custom Solutions

    • IRISS is the first company to design, fabricate and assemble IR windows in various custom sizes, shapes and colors.  Custom Solutions as large as 60in+ in length are being made to retrofit switchgear across the country.
    • ISO-9001 certified.


    VPIC (Internal Cover) and Certification from UL and ABS

    • Released the VPIC Series featuring an in internal cover providing superior protection in environments where dust and debris are a mitigating factor.
    • IRISS received certification from UL and ABS across all new and existing product lines.


    Platinum Series (Featuring Poly-View System™), Training Solutions, US Patent, Private Label and Easy-Grip™

    • Released the Platinum Series featuring the Poly-View System™, the industry's first and only clear polymer lens allowing visual, UV and short/mid/longwave IR spectrum inspections.  The industrial-grade optic allows for a larger field-of-view and boasts a Fixed and Stable Transmission - far superior to crystal windows.
    • Accredited Thermography Training offered by our ASNT Level Three Certified Trainer.  IRISS is one of only a few qualified trainers in the world.
    • IRISS received official US Patent on all IR window polymers and reinforced grill designs.
    • Optional Private Label and Easy-GripTM cover added to product lines.  Private Label permits your logo and packaging on our state-of-the-art patented technology.


    IRISS, Inc. New World Headquarters

    • IRISS, Inc. builds a 32,000 ft. world headquarters in Bradenton, FL features a fully integrated LEAN Manufacturing Plant with state-of-the-art computerized production equipment.  In addition, R&D will continue to advance electrical safety industry standards with a high-tech lab.  The Technical Training Center will support 80 students and provide hands-on, interactive, accredited certification training in thermography by one of the world’s finest training professionals.


    We Help You See What Others Cannot


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